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Our Leadership


Justin Current

VP Service Delivery

Justin Current is a distinguished leader in the cybersecurity domain. He has consistently driven growth, seamlessly aligning technology strategies with organizational objectives and establishing successful IT professional services ventures. Justin's expertise lies in crafting solutions that leave a long-standing positive impact on business growth and success. 

His vast experience spans from working with nimble startups to esteemed Fortune 100 entities, aiding them in leveraging technology to achieve unparalleled heights. Throughout his illustrious career, Justin has been a catalyst for change in professional services design and delivery, championing operational efficiency, advancing maturity levels, and amplifying user experiences. He leads high-performance teams—from business analysts and software developers to UX designers and security architects—with a commitment to surpassing customer expectations in service and product quality. 

His accolades and company awards attest to his outstanding contributions to the industry. Justin's collaborative prowess with varied teams ensures streamlined processes for optimal success. In the fiercely competitive tech landscape, his inclusive leadership, paired with exemplary coaching and mentoring, has always elicited peak performances from his teams. Fundamentally, Justin's collaborative and innovative approach to leadership continually propels organizational growth.