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Apollo Threat Intelligence

Good Threat Intelligence Can Stop Cyberattacks Before They Happen

Threat Intelligence is most useful when it relates to you. Everyone has seen the long lists of Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) but being alerted via an IoC means someone has already breached.

You need to understand the threat actors, their attacks, and who or what they are targeting—not in generalities, but in specifics that show the risks to your organization.

Threat intelligence must deliver clear and defined actions to stop the attack, disrupt the actor's effectiveness, or mitigate the impact of the threat. It is not enough to know what threats are out there.

To be truly effective, early warning is critical.

  • Utilizing our exclusive Deep Insight methodology and techniques, Apollo supplements your existing threat warning systems to provide a government-grade early warning system.

  • We provide early warning of cyberattacks before they happen and have saved organizations hundreds of millions of dollars by providing true intelligence, allowing defences to get in place before the cyberattacks happen.

Deep Insight Methodology

Apollo works with your business, IT, and security teams to understand what is most valuable and vulnerable to you. We can utilize our Deep Insight methodology to monitor everything from your intellectual property to the supply chains that are critical to your organization. We turn that monitoring into actionable intelligence and recommendations, with expert analysis to help you protect what matters most to you.